In previous seasons the sled type used had slight variations between the US and European markets, these were 2 different versions of the same sled.

Whilst the overall weight was the same, the structural differentiations led to constructive criticism that we took very seriously.


We have standardized the sleds used across all markets. The overall weight and structural dimensions are the exact same everywhere now while the distribution of plates may differ compared to last season.

Our sport must adhere to rigorous testing and a process of evaluation and improvement to ensure we provide an environment in which athletes enjoy the best possible racing circumstances, this evolution we believe delivers on this requirement.

Note – Whilst we standardize the basic components of a HYROX race we also highlight the nature of sport and that different environmental elements including humidity, altitude, course design and many other factors will continue to create natural variation.

Overall weight distribution (including sleds) for each category from season 22/23 onwards:

Sled Push

Men Pro: 202 kg / 446 lbs

Women Pro / Men Open / Mixed Doubles / Men Doubles: 152 kg / 336 lbs

Women Open / Women Doubles: 102 kg / 226 lbs

Sled Pull

Men Pro: 153 kg / 335 lbs

Women Pro / Men Open / Mixed Doubles / Men Doubles: 103 kg / 225 lbs

Women Open / Women Doubles:   78 kg / 170 lbs

1rm 40 31 1



For the 2023 World Championships all participants will be required to complete the HYROX race using pro weights.

This includes all athletes who qualified in the Open and Doubles categories with the exception of Mixed Doubles who will compete using the regular men’s open weights.


1rm 51 3

After the successful launch of the Elite 15 in Las Vegas last season, we have increased the number of championship events increasing opportunities for those athletes dedicating themselves to world class performance in our sport.

The top 15 Pro Men and Pro Women from the US and EU 2022 season will qualify for the Elite Wave in the US and EU Championships. Both of these regional championship events will offer prize purses and an opportunity to secure an early qualification slot for the World Championships elite race.

The WC Elite 15 wave will consist of the top 3 US AND EU Championship finishers + the overall top 9 global times for both Pro Men & Pro Women divisions.

World Championship Qualification:

Qualification for all categories for this years World Championship hosted in Manchester UK in 2023 have been ammended

Due to the global growth of HYROX with a massive increase in events and the number of athletes competing (80.000), the qualification slots per event have been reduced compared to last season.

Every event this season gets fewer slots compared to last year, which makes it harder to qualify, but more competitive when it comes to the World Championships.

We will have a target number of 2.500 athletes qualification slots for  Manchester.

There was an error made in the qualification slots awarded in the first event of the season in Basel, the new formulas were not applied correctly – all slots awarded in that race remain valid and will be honored.

All races for the rest of the season will be allocated qualification slots on a proportional basis based on the numbers of athletes participating to ensure that an athletes chances of qualifying are not affected by the size of the event an athlete competes at. (more participants = more slots)

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