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The Fitness Race for EveryBody

The Fitness Race for Everybody

HYROX was designed to accommodate people of all fitness levels and experience, with 99% of our athletes crossing the finish line! With 10 different divisions to choose from, there is a race for everybody. Whether you are new to HYROX or unsure of which division is right for you, we are here to help guide you in the right direction.

Find my Level

Answering these simple questions below will give you an indication of the level of fitness a HYROX race requires.

Want to get a taste of Hyrox

Reach out to your local HYROX Gym Partner and speak to certified HYROX trainers to help you in your HYROX journey, or join us on our HYROX PFT Tour and perform the HYROX Physical Fitness Test (P’F”T)

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